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Whales Craft beers and RNR WITH ROF Vinnie Lopez

Not sure what you put into words how much fun it was whale watching yesterday but I will try. We left Belmar Marina I saw three whales within five minutes of being out of the river 3 whales!. The band wonderful whiners was fantastic and played the entire trip was really really nice. Asbury park jersey shore coastline in the background it was amazing to see rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame or Vinnie and his band love the trip on the water playing rock ‘n’ roll music and a gorgeous Sunday afternoon I look forward to doing this trip again next year we will do some other ones with other bands I think James said he’s working on Eddie Testa we’ll see how that goes.The Craft beer tasting from Beach House brewery was fantastic.My friend Sam who help me put this together Big Ronnie productions did a fantastic job. Thanks to all my friends and new friends are coming up on a beautiful day we saw three humpback whales.Danielle hour will Pittsburgh from Rutgers University did a fantastic job telling everybody about the whales,we were saying and why we were seeing them. The weather was just perfect the water conditions were great for just perfect Sunday afternoon on the ocean everyone was thrilled the trip was sold out. We’re watching at the Jersey shore is a popular fun safe event join us soon here are some photos from Sunday’s trip September 8, 2019. Hope to see you all on the trip again please take the time to leave reviews they’re important to us thanks a lot, Bill McKim  I will post a few more photos especially some crowd photos so if you have them sent to tag me on FacebookJersey sure will watch Billy McKimJersey sure will watch Billy McKim