Whale Watching Season is April till November Jersey Shore
November 01, 2019

Whale Watching Season is April till November Jersey Shore

Whale Watching Season is April till November 

Yes it’s finally whale watching season, Be spellbound as they perform some of the most amazing acrobatic displays that only Mother Nature could choreograph. Now is your opportunity to witness the Humpback Whales in their natural environment with the stunning Jersey Coast skyline glistening in the background.

We pride ourselves in our work as leaders in the industry, few can claim to have a marine biologist on deck, Our very own Danielle Brown is a hostess with a marine biology & ecology degree. Our Jersey Shore Whale watching tours focus on learning about whales and their natural environment with respect to their habitat.

A Jersey Shore whale tours will leave you with a deep respect and love for these majestic creatures.

Clean safe huge both with a heated cabin and kitchen awaits you. Yes we have full size men’s nd ladies bathroom on board and the both is kept ultra clean. 

‘We guarantee you will see a whale on your trip in the rare case that we don’t see a whale your next trip is free. We are the only tour company that guarantees you will see a whale!



95% success rate finding whales over 4 years over our entire whale watching voyages! The best in New Jersey  


Get a free return trip if you don’t see whales on your cruise.


Custom built vessels for whale watching cruises and your maximum comfort.


Professional photographer on board our large vessel to capture all the action in case you miss it! Just ask Bill, He usually posts pictures the same day on the blog at www.billmckim.com or https://jerseyshorewhalewatchingtour.com 


Full commentary from experienced Marine Naturalists and the friendliest staff to guide you through the cruise!