Whale at sunrise story Jersey shore November 2019  documenting the humpback whale
January 07, 2020

Whale at sunrise story Jersey shore November 2019 documenting the humpback whale

So I was photographing fishing boats at sunrise there was a lot of birds in the area a few striper fishing boats were out early beautiful morning sunlight I was really just photographing the boats in the sunrise. They will all of us sudden blows I see it in my 100 to 400 zoom lens and I say this is the shot of waited years for and it’s right in front of the house. A humpback whale is right in front of the house at sunrise and the orange glow with the morning light.

I was just photographing the boats going across the sunrise it was rising in the sky then I noticed the blow of a humpback whale right in front of the house right at sunrise I was amazed I was able to capture a couple of these images he didn’t lunch feed her come spiraling out of the ocean I guess that will be saved for a future date because of that it happened I’m not sure what I would ever need to photograph when it came through whale 

I was absolutely thrilled that I was home and able to see it and had my camera ready all the settings correct and I had already been photographing so I didn’t have to go and scramble and find equipment that was packed away in the camera bag in it in the cabinet. Camera gear for this shot. Canon 5D Mark four really right stuff tripod 100 to 400 canon 2.8 lens. And a whole Lotta luck. Bill McKim

 Humpback whale at sunrise New Jersey beach November 2019 bill McKim

Here are a couple photos documenting the humpback whale the boats and you will see how I was just getting a beautiful sunrise image the world was a huge bonus I had no idea it was going to be there.