The everlasting power of postcards
January 26, 2021

The everlasting power of postcards

I was talking to my mom about how I’m marketing my postcards. She wrote me the following note.

He always sent post cards.  His family has a collection of his trips, his good wishes and his travels.  He was unique in his time.  He had a wooden spoked bike that he rode often from his hometown to the shore and back.  He was an environmentalist for the protection of New Jersey’s state bird.  He also wrote and heralded the laws to protect  the cleanliness of the shoreline and its waters.   All this dedication to the protection of life from. It’s very beginning, with trips to Washington.   And throughout his entire life he wrote his post cards.  The recipients treasuring them now that he is gone.  A unique
symbol of a generation that loved and used post cards.
I am fortunate that I married a man who from the beginning of our courtship would grab a postcard and write me a line or two.  He was not a writer, so he loved the fact that his thoughts could be short and sweet.  And they were.  I treasure them.
So in today’s world with the ever ready electronic mail, the post card is a thing of the past.  But like many other things that have been abandoned, there will be no record for our review.  Texts and emails have a short life.  The old faithful post card is a “keeper”
Something to look at at a later time th hat gives us pause to reflect on a special person who took the time to write us a special note.
Spread the memory, spread the joy, send a post card.   Especially the ones we have, with the actual beauty of the Jersey shore.   You might be surprised how many former folks who lived at the shore, would love to be reminded of the hometown sights they enjoyed.

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