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Snowy Owl in Belmar , Avon and Spring Lake this week!

snowy owl Belmar fishing club 2017


Snowy Owls are a rare sight along the Jersey Shore and this year 2017 has been a great year to view them. The Snowy Owl lives above the tree line in the Artic. North of 67 degrees latitude, trees exist only as shrubs, or not at all. The treeless region is the tundra, and it rings the Arctic Ocean from Alaska to Greenland, from Sweden to the Bering Sea. 

snowy owl in avon by the sea

The Snowy Owl prefers place along or coast that look familiar to them. No one knows why they come this far south.Snowy owls are solitary and territorial. Males defend a territory during the breeding season. ...

Every four years or so, many snowy owls fly south into the northern United States during the winter. This probably happens in years when lemmings, their prey, are scarce farther north.



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