Best selling Jersey Shore Artwork by Bill McKim List 2019
November 24, 2019

Best selling Jersey Shore Artwork by Bill McKim List 2019

I thought I would list some of my best selling artwork.I often get asked for a list of some of what I consider by best images of the Jersey shore coastline.These images are available in all formats and sizes.Artwork of your home or office should speak to you.

There is nothing worse than looking at bland same old office artwork. Cookie cutter generic art makes you wonder. who the heck was in change of choosing the prints for this waiting room area that I am stuck in!

Please take a look at these and I will add to this post all week. I will be sure to name the images so that if you call me and say you want to purchase I know what artwork you are speaking of.

whale breaching jersey shore whale watch photoBELMAR Fishing club artwork 2018

i do sometimes have artwork as small as 8 x10 or 11 x14 and have made artwork as big as 7 feet wide! 

Please think of my artwork these next few weeks when you are looking for holiday gift ideas that are Jersey shore related and unique..

My watermark will not appear on you images, but I will of course sign them for you as long as I don’t hold up delivery of them to you in time for Christmas or other deadlines you may have.


Bill McKim 

phone 732.451.6003 any questions