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Annular Lunar Eclipse Photos New Jersey beach

https://youtu.be/lYWs8G1Jz1EJune 10th annular eclipse was amazing, way beyond my expectations. I suggest you make plans for 2024 total eclipse it will be worth it before trip to go to upstate New York

hursday Was magical I set my alarm clock for 3:30 AM so I can get my camera gear ready for what I thought was 430 start yes it was a 430 start but the sun was visible until it broke the horizon at about 530 so it was a long day here are some of the photos I hope you enjoy them I hope you get to see my interview on news 12 LOL I'll be sunny on the graphs if anybody wants a copy of the print I'll be working on making some prints this week.

''I learned a new term annular—where the Moon is directly in front of the Sun, but doesn’t fully cover it—leaving a ring of light around the dark Moon’s edges)


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