June 13, 2018

Anniversary Approaching of Belmar Double Drowning June 15 2017 RIP Mitzi & Emily

As the Belmar Elementary school year ends, I cant help but think about BES students Mitzi Hernandez Nicolas and Emily Gonzalez Perez, who lost their lives doing what many children in the area do,playing in the ocean.

I wanted to show you these actual water condition photos from that day. I want you to see that even though the water conditions dont look that dangerous they can be. Always swim near a lifeguard. 

rip tides belmar june 15th 2017 belmar beach double drowning

Water conditions the day 2 young Belmar school girls drown in the ocean off Belmar 6/15/17. First photo is after the first rescue occurred. 

The photo below I took earlier in the day June 15th 2017


june 15th 2017 belmar beach photo

The 2nd greener photo is same day at 2:17pm, near high tide around the 8th ave beach area in Belmar . I was practicing flying a new drone I had gotten that day so I was out over the ocean in the daytime  around 2pm. The first girl was seen in the ocean around 5:30pm off the 11th ave beach, if my memory of the time is correct, it was early evening when the police and Belmar rescue swimmers arrived on the scene. A very sad day in Belmar.