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American Bald Eagle flying over Belmar Beach November 14

American Bald Eagle flying over Belmar Beach November 14

I was sitting home doing some computer work working on family photo shoot photos.My phone rang it was one of my friends saying it was a bald eagle on the beach in Belmar in front of my house I was very lucky they had my camera ready and with the correct long lines to ship this image. Are used a Canon 5D Mark four with a 100 to 400 lens. This is one of my favorite lenses for Photographing Wells and American bald eagles on the beach in Belmar New Jersey. 

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 The eagle was sitting on the rocks on the beach at ninth Avenue in Belmar I was able to get a quick couple images then it flew away over the ocean then it came back to the exact same spot 10 minutes later I walked down to the beach I was able to make about 50 photos including where the bold eagle flew right over my head it was pretty amazing.