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A great November whale watching trip! Novmber 3rd Ocean County

I just looked at the GPS data for the whale photos we were just north of the MaBilly mckim selling the Jersey shore whale watching tour T-shirt’s in the cold.ntoloking bridge.The great November whale watching trip. 
We went South towards Island Beach State Park beautiful afternoon Sunday yes it was cold but it was sunny it was beautiful. We didn’t see any whales even though there was a report of three whales  done in the area in the morning we turned around to head back home a little bit disappointed when suddenly,Danielle spotted spouts in the distance. Humpback whales spotted off of Bayhead beach.Our Captain Alan and his daughter.

The water was very calm it was a beautiful day on the water or the any ocean waves everyone enjoyed it I really didn’t notice anyone being sick it might’ve been we had about 50 people on a boat which is a good number for late fall trip because everybody was able to be inside the boat and stay warm on the way back which if we had 78 people some people would been outside not by choice but by noon so it was a perfect amount of people around 50 is a good number to go whale watching it was great to see all the whales off of Ocean County New Jersey. Join us in 2020 or we’re watching trips will be every Sunday and we’re going to add some Saturdays and also weekday trips we can do a lot more trips in 2020 the season will start again in late April because until then the oceans too cold for people really to be out there April would be able to handle it so we look forward to seeing everyone we still might have another trip or two in November those are definitely trips for people who don’t mind the cold think outdoor football sitting in the stadium with her if you don’t mind that then you wouldn’t mind going well watching and seeing these beautiful humpback whales along the Jersey shore is they migrate south for the winter.