2019 was an amazing year for our whale watching trips
December 08, 2019

2019 was an amazing year for our whale watching trips

Jersey shore whale watching trip bill mckim

I want to thank everyone who came out on Jersey Shore Whale Watch with us this year. The Crips were amazing we had 25 trips and saw a Whales on 23 of those trips the two trips we can see whales on those people got certificates to come out with us on another trip for free so they would see whales also because I want everybody to see the whales. 

Well watching along to Jersey shore there’s an amazing experience it’s unique it’s new it’s something that your parents and grandparents most likely never did and less I’ve gone with us the last two years because it didn’t exist before hand.

Join us we’re watching in Monmouth and Ocean counties go to our website reserve your tickets and you will have we can’t wait to experience like no other without having to go to Alaska to go see whales or Cape Cod or 2 1/2 hour ride down to Cape May we see more wells that even the trip to the right of Maine and Massachusetts as far as our percentage is unbeatable 92% is unbelievable how do we complex 92% because we don’t go in bad weather and we don’t go when the conditions are favorable toward whale watching.

reserve your Tickets now they make a great holiday gift.

jersey shore whale watch thank you Danielle for your expertise lead your tours.