Lobsters and whale watching tour!

This is a unique event that will sell out quickly! Monday July 6th 2020  4:30pm  will be our first lobsters dinner and whale watching sunset cruise! 4 hour sunset trip. bad weather date will be July 13th

We will cruise along the Jersey shore looking for whale as we always do, then We will meet an authentic lobster boat right out in the water get the days fresh lobster catch from them and serve it on board our boat. We will limit this trip to 60 people as We want to be able to serve everyone and have table seating for thos that need it and bench seating for for that wish to sit outside.

There will be a non shellfish option for those who dont eat shellfish.

Beach Haus Brewery will be our first trip sponsor providing a tasting of their beers brewe\ed right in Belmar NJ 

The introductory price is $99,  this price goes to $125 person as soon as we sell 30 passes.Buy early and save 25%


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