Ice Boating Navesink River Canvas Gallery Wrap

  • Artwork by Bill McKim
  • Navesink River artwork 24 x 36 inches
  • Coastal Jersey original artwork
  • Premium artist-grade canvas
  •  Stretched and mounted on 1-1/4 inch frame
  •  Eight color Inkjet printing that creates a vibrant canvas image
  •  Formulated coating to protect against fading & scratches
  •  Solid facing canvas front which prevents stretching & sagging
  •  Perfectly folded corners
  •  Every canvas comes with a fully finished black backing
  •  Delivered Ready to Hang with Pre-installed hanging hardware


Navesink River in Red Bank, where members of the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club await the seven or eight days each winter when temperature, ice and wind conditions permit sailing on the surface of the frozen river. “It’s very hit or miss, you don’t always get the same number of days every season,” says Jeff Smith, the club’s commodore.

Founded in 1880, the 160-member group is one of the oldest iceboat clubs in the nation. The club holds races on the weekends, and its members travel as far as Wisconsin and New Hampshire to brave the ice and brisk wind.