Limited Edition

 I offer you the viewer, my love of the coast of New Jersey, a view I have seen from my porch deck the last 27 years. in a new linted edition, these prints have never been sold before today and are numbered and signed by hand.   - Bill McKim, Belmar New Jersey.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) -  

ranked photography as the most valuable and fastest-growing collectible segment, while the fine art and classic cars sectors went down.  Furthermore, photography can diversify an existing collection of paintings and prints.

“So much has been written about my work with reference to painting.  That my works look like paintings.  In a way that’s right.  But in another way it’s completely not right, because I insist I am a photographer, and if there is a quality in my work, it is because I am a photographer, it is not because it’s something that reminds you of something else.” –Andreas Gursky

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